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Possible reasons on Stone crusher price fluctuation Author:Great Wall Posted:2014-06-16 Views:
Stone Crusher can crush materials from 10 mm to 500 mm according to different specification,stone crusher compressive strength is up to 350 Mpa.Stone crusher advantage lies in the following aspects, the equipment is small premises in size, simple structure, less energy consumption, large crushing production capacity, uniform product size, and selective crushing effect.Therefore,stone crushers are highly favored by the users.But when the user buy stone crusher, first consideration is the price of stone crusher,while stone crusher price is always fluctuates, which makes users very confused, so why does stone crusher price so unstable? In order to solve stone crusher price problem,Great Wall company analysis possible influence factors of stone crusher price.
First of all, product market factors: when stone crusher supply is much higher than demands,the status of supply and demand imbalance will make crusher price fluctuate.therefore the market demand is the first factor in stone crusher price. In recent years, due to the state vigorously promote the construction of highway, railway, building, etc.,they make the crushing equipment demands increased,so that some manufacturers pursue interests and drive up the price of the crusher.
Secondly, the production cost of products: we know that the most crushing equipment is composed of rigid material casting, including some of spare parts and wear parts etc., so steel prices determines stone crusher price ups and downs in the market. In addition, the production cost will directly affect the price of the equipment,which includes research and development investment capital, artificial salary expenses, the cost of electric energy consumption and other relevant expenses.
Last but not least, Stone crusher technology level, technical level directly affects the overall performance of stone crushing machine,The advanced stone crusher can improve the crushing capacity and prolong stone crusher service life.Thus when users buy stone crusher, they must be familiar with various technical parameters of stone crusher, not only care about stone crusher price.