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Select cost-effective stone crusher solution up to material Author:Great Wall Posted:2014-06-13 Views:
In recent years,There was fast development in the country's society and economy, which leads to the keen competition in mining stone crushing equipment, economic foundation is inseparable from the steel industry,A a result of the increasing demands,stone crusher rise up for mineral processing equipment industry,How to choose proper stone crusher? Great Wall heavy machinery company as experienced stone crusher supplier illustrates the selection principle.Based on the material properties of the particle, particle size and crushing products Requirements,and then we adopt the corresponding way of crushing equipment type.
1, When crush the hard large or medium size materials,we apply crusher with strength of crushing and impacting force, Recommended stone crusher are jaw crusher and  toothed roll crusher 
2, When we process hard small size materials,we should make use of crushing, impacting, and grinding, the surface of stone crusher is smooth with no teeth, , such as double roll crusher
3, When the powder or mud materials is stone crushing plant,we use ball mill according to the max feeding and output size range requirement.  
4, Hammer crusher is suitable for ductile materials by shear or strike quickly. 
5, If the materials are multiple composition,we also can assemble a variety of combinations of stone crusher.Such as primary crusher is jaw crusher,and secondary stone crusher can be roll crusher or cone crusher.