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Quartz Sand Crusher

Great Wall heavy industry has been engaging in mining machinery design,research and development over 50 years, Quartz sand crusher is professional crushing equipment developed by zhengzhou Great Wall heavy industry,Quartz sand crusher mainly includes roll crusher,cone crusher,diesel engine crusher and jaw crusher etc.,which is based on Great Wall HCCcone crusher,Quartz sand crusher can be applied for feeding size below 500mm, its compressive strength up to 350 million Mpa.Quartz sand crusher has big crushing ratio and cube grains after being crushed.
How does quartz sand crusher work?Great Wall experts introduces the working principles of quartz sand crusher.Great Wall heavy industry quartz sand crusher makes use of impact energy to crushing materials, when material into the board hammer function area by half a vertical high speed impact, quartz sand is threw to impoact device which is installed on the top of the rotor, and then  impact plate  rebounces back to the board hammer function area to be crushed.Quartz sand can be repeatly crushed. Until the material meets the required size.
Quartz sand crusher has the following characteristics and advantages:
1,Wide feeding size range, high crushing cavity, extensive material hardness, less quartz sand powder
2,convenient adjustment between impact plate and board hammer gap,effective control of discharging granularity,good grain shape
3,Compact quartz sand crusher structure, strong rigidity, rotor machine with large turn inertia
4,High chromium board hammer, impact resistance, wear resistance,large impact strength
5,Keyless connection,convenient maintenance, economic and reliable quality
6,Multiple crushing functions, high crushing capacity, quick wear parts has low abrasion, high comprehensive enterprise revenue.