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Pebble crusher role in in sand making plant

Source:Great Wall Heavy Industry Author:Great Wall Posted:2014-05-07 Views:
Great Wall heavy industry has been engaging in manufacturing pebble crusher over 50 years,Great Wall technicians will introduce the important of pebble crusher in sand making plant.At the beginning, we has to know the features of pebble,pebble is featured of high hardness and strong abradability,Great Wall pebble crusher is reaonable design in sand making plant,which greatly reduces crusher wearing parts cost and guarantees enterprise profits in sand crushing process.
On the other hand,pebble sand making production line will face the problem of sand washing. River sand contains a large amount of dust in some pebble resources,Pebble crusher should be cooperated with sand washer.Finally,pay attention to pebble crusher in artificial sand crushing plant,avoid repeated crushing and sand making .Because the pebble raw material contains some granularity meet the requirements. Therefore,Pebble sand making production line set the screen system before primary pebble.Pebble crusher is excellent performance and energy-saving.Pebble crusher is best choice crushing equipment in sand making plant.process.