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Detailed configuration and function of limestone crusher plant Author:Great Wall Posted:2014-07-10 Views:
Soft stone mainly refers to the stones hardness less than 5 in Moh's scale.For example limestone,marble,dolomite,talc, lignite, malachite, bentonite, graphite and gypsum.The most used soft stone is limestone.Limestone crusher plant widely applies in the fields of construction, road,chemical and landscape.It is the necessary component of cement plant.Great Wall heavy industry machinery company as the leading limestone crusher manufacturer,we will analysis the detailed whole crushing process of limestone production line.
In the crushing process of limestone crusher plant, Zhengzhou Great Wall engineers adopts the jaw crusher as primary crushing equipment and roll crusher as the medium crushing equipment.and then we apply the sand making machine  as the fine crushing equipment.Because of  roll crusher features of good granularity shape,which can provide higher compressive strength for limestone as building material.The whole limestone crusher plant is closed crushing process and limestone crusher greatly reduce the energy consumption and design with dust catching system, which gain more market shares and profits for limestone crusher enterprise.