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Features of coal crushers over traditional stone crusher Author:Great Wall Posted:2014-07-01 Views:
Traditional stone crushers are installed with grate sieve plate,such as jaw crusher,impact crusher and hammer crusher etc. Traditional stone crusher can not be adapted to raw material moisture contenting higher than 8percents, when raw material moisture content is up to 10 percents , it is easier to cause  serious congestion in crushing cavity,which makes the hammer head can't turn, raw material can't discharge,more seriously it even lead to motor broken and affect the crushing production capacity. On basis of stone crusher enterprises demands and traditional stone crusher FAQ, Great Wall company invents the coal crusher for coal crushing plant.
Coal crushing equipment is designed without the bottom grid in the crusher outlet,which has less requirement on water moisture containing.Coal crushing equipment are mainly used for coal,slag,coal gangue,coal cinder and furnace clinker etc., Coal crushers make full use of industrial waste and reduce the environmental pollution. Great Wall stone crusher engineers analysis the features of coal crushers over traditional stone crusher.
1, Coal crushers adopt multiple channels outlet,it can greatly improve unit crushing capacity, at the same time innovative coal crusher reduces the cycle dust settling, which has good dust prevention effect.
2, New type compound wear-resisting hammer head,which makes coal crusher longer service life than dozens traditional stone crusher.
3, Discharging granularity can be freely adjusted, which is not affected by the wearing parts.
4, large crushing yields, low energy consumption, power consumption save more than 40% under the same working condition.
5, Convenient maintenance, open the access door can replace hammer head,coal crushers need not to tear open outfit and little downtime.