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Raymond mill commissioning operation steps Author:Great Wall Posted:2014-06-05 Views:
Raymond mill is a new product on basis of continuous practice improvement and experts summed up,Raymond mill is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, mining industry and other fields.How to properly operate Raymond mill?what are the operation announcement in the commissioning of Raymond mill?Great Wall company summary three  Raymond mill commissioning operation steps for you.
Raymond Mill commissioning step 1: Fasten the grinding roller device firmly by mesh rope holding, so as to avoid connecting and impacting between grinding roller and grinding ring.main frame of Raymond mill do the empty load commissioning not less than 1 hour,ensure the smooth and stable operation,keep the temperature of tank oil below 80 degree centigrade,the temperature raising range within 40 degree centigrade.
Raymond Mill commissioning step 2: Raymond mill load commissioning time is not less than 8 hours,When the Raymond mill has no abnormal noise and all the pipe connection without leakage phenomenon, tighten solid screw of Raymond mill once more, then Raymond mill can be put into normal use.
Raymond Mill commissioning step 3: blower should be no-load starting,when the blower is stable operation and load the raw materials, make sure Raymond mill  no abnormal noise and vibration, the temperature of rolling bearing should be not exceed 70 degree centigrade, temperature raising range should not exceed 35 degree centigrade.