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Requirement on limestone granularity in limestone calcining plant Author:Great Wall Posted:2014-06-16 Views:
In the process of limestone calcining plant,there are some requirements on limestone granularity in limestone calcining plant.The main function is removed carbon dioxide of limestone calcining plant. When the limestone granularity is too large,it need much more time to decompose,as well as the higher pressure needs higher temperature,which wastes energy consumption. What kinds of limestone is suitable for  limestone calcining plant?We analysis the properties of limestone from two aspects.
Firstly,natural limestone is porous and poor heat transfer, when the temperature reached 1250 ~ 1350 degree centigrade,limestone surface will over burnt, shrink and crack, so that CO2 cannot be sufficient separated. At the same time, high temperature also  increase impurities slagging rate. Therefore,limestone particle size has close relationship with lime calcining plant.
On the other hand,From the perspective of lime calcining equipment, Great Wall engineers select the sintering equipment according to the limestone granularity, determine the structure of rotary kiln calcination system.Its basic content includes material accumulation state, moving speed, thermal expansion effect on ventilation, heat transfer, thermal efficiency, decomposition rate,They are all the possible factors effect lime rotary kiln calcination plant.In summary,Limestone granularity should according to client's production requirement and combine with sintering efficiency and calcination quality.