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Pebble crusher features in crushing plant

Source:Great Wall Heavy Industry Author:Great Wall Posted:2014-05-26 Views:
Comparing with traditional crushing equipment,Pebble crusher has much more lower investment, pebble crusher reduces the cost by 35%-50%.The output size of pebble crusher is fine,and even granularity,the quick wearing parts has long service life.the crushing capacity is higher than the other crusher by half.Pebble crusher makes the three satges crushing process into two stages,which greatly reduces the production cost.Take the limestone crushing plant for example,pebble crusher can do primary crush material below 5mm account for 85%.
Pebble crusher is extensively applied in the fields of aggregate,cement,refractory,metallurgy and chemical etc.On basis of practical crushing palnt and clients' feedback,Great Wall engineers analysis the features of pebble crusher in the following .
1,High crushing ratio,applies in fine and coarse crushing process
2,Simplified structure,convenient to install and maintain,low crushing cost
3,Little effect by water moisture, the water containing up to 8%
4,High Product packing density, low iron contamination,cubic grain shape