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Possible reasons of hydraulic cone crusher stop

Source:Great Wall Heavy Industry Author:Great Wall Posted:2014-05-22 Views:
In modern mining industry ,hydrualic cone crusher is widely used in granite cursher plant.Irrevocably there are some wrong with hydraulic cone crusher. If hydraulic cone crusher stops working in load condition,How to clear the crushing cavity of hydraulic cone crusher? Before the crushing cavity has not yet been thoroughly clean, we must not restart the hydraulic cone crusher,Under the condition of materials piles up in the crushing cavity, If we start the hydraulic cone crusher,which will seriously damage the hydraulic cone crusher and cone crusher drive motor.
Great Wall engineers analysis the possible reasons lead to hydraulic cone crusher stop working.There are the reasons of power off,fuel shortage, iron falls into crushing cavity or too much feeding granite volume lead to materials pile up in crushing cavity etc. As a result of hydraulic cone crusher do the rotary pendulum crushing, cone crusher crushing plate maybe cause granite jam in outlet.Pressed by the hydraulic cone crusher spring units,Crushing materials is tighted closely between mantle and bowl liner.