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What are operation regulation of roll crusher in crushing plant? Author:Great Wall Company Posted:2016-12-04 Views:
Roll crusher is similar with jaw crusher and cone crusher in stone crushing plant, which is mainly used as medium and fine mineral crushing equipment in the fields of mining and construction industry. As one of leading stone crusher manufacturers, Great Wall Company have the series of double roll crusher, three roller crusher, four roller crusher and hydraulic roll crusher . One of our Indonesian customers inquire about 2PG0806 double roller crusher price and operation manuals in details, What are operation regulation of roll crusher in crushing plant ? We will illustrate in the following aspects. 
1.Install and test roll crusher as roller crusher instructions, familiar with roll crusher working principles and structure
2.Inspect bolts and wearing parts and fasten them before roll crusher start, ensure sufficient lubricants for roller crusher
3.Start roller crusher after doing non-loading commissioning, adjust roller crusher outlet according to customers’ requirement
4.We have to stop roller crusher to find the reasons and cope with it when roll crusher has noise and vibration in crushing plant
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