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What are key factors of affecting stone cone crusher capacity ? Author:Great Wall Company Posted:2016-12-01 Views:
Cone crusher is one of best selling stone crushers in stone crushing plant and artificial sand making line. Cone crusher can be divided into spring cone crusher, hydraulic cone crusher and CZS efficient Cone crusher on basis of different working principles.We can also choose various crushing cavity of cone crusher, for instance coarse type, medium type and fine type.Cone crusher is prevailing in hard rocks crushing plant, What are key factors of affecting cone crusher capacity ? As one of professional stone cone crusher supplier, Great Wall Company will give your some useful suggestions in crushing plant.
First, Rock hardness and moisture containing.The higher hardness of rocks, the more serious abrasion of cone crusher mantle and bowl liner,it will slow down cone crusher capacity .  When the moisture containing is too high, which may lead to jam in cone crusher cavity or may stop cone crusher in crushing plant.On the second,The discharging output size range is also factors for cone crusher capacity,the finer the finished aggregate granularity, the smaller cone crusher crushing capacity. Last but not least, we should consult with professional cone crusher manufacturer and choose suitable cone crusher in crushing plant at competitive price. Any questions on cone crusher price and operation manuals, welcome to contact us online !
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