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Three development goals of Great Wall Cone crusher

Source:Great Wall Heavy Industry Author:Great Wall Posted:2014-05-16 Views:
In the past years, although Great Wall cone crusher achieved initial success in increasing the level of research and development technology, Cone crusher still has large gap comparing with similar foreign specifications cone crusher. Domestic development situation is not optimistic for China cone crusher, We should have to persistent efforts, intensify technology investment, reduce the cone crusher gap between domestic and foreign. Great Wall heavy industry analysis on the keen competition of cone crusher market and draw a conclusion,Great Wall cone crusher has three developed objectives.

1, Adopts the advanced design concepts, break the routine design ideas,dare to technical innovation and produce a practical large equipment of fulfilling online real-time monitoring, provide strong technology support for countries cone crusher new market competition. 
2, Increase cone crusher automation degree, at the meanwhile,do the a growing tendency of humanization design, guarantee the safe of operator and cone crusher, liberate the unnecessary labor force, gradually reduce dependence on manpower in cone crusher operation process
3,Response to the appeal of the national energy saving policy,Optimize the structure of cone crusher so as to reduce energy consumption of per unit material crushing stage and improve cone crusher crushing efficiency. In addition, take the necessary measures on the cone crusher dust, install the dust catcher in the cone crusher configuration,purify the working environment of the device.