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How to select appropriate cone crusher

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Cone crusher is a modern new type necessary crushing equipment in stone crushing line and sand making plant. cone crusher application is getting more extensive,Volume of manufacturer is also fast increased. Given in such a situation,how should clients do  to choose a more suitable cone crusher?Which brand of Cone crusher is better Great Wall heavy industry analysis the  phenomenon from  the aspects  of  cone crusher price, quality, performance and after-sales service etc. 
Firstly,we need to check the cone crusher performance, such as crushing ratio, output size quality, production capacity and energy consumption, Only choose cost-effective cone crusher ,  the interests  of  the  entrepreneur will be improved.On the Second,Pay attention to cone crusher after sales service,because of cone crusher has some quick wear parts,therefore Perfect after-sale service is very important  for mechanical equipment, which is also the indicators of manufacturer enterprise image.Last but not least,Once we decide cone crusher brand,visit the factory, test the equipment quality, production process, technical level and quality control system.Carefully watch manufacturers' cone crusher drawings,clear about cone crusher principles on basis of drawing.
In conclusion, as long as clients notice the above factors,you can select and buy ideal cone crusher, We should do the regular maintenance in cone crusher daily operation. or else, optimized design cone crusher will have little crushing capacity and shorten service life.