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How to reduce stone crusher power consumption

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Stone crusher mainly refers to roll crusher,cone crusher,jaw crusher and impact crusher;Stone crusher are wide applied in the fields of our daily life,such as aggregate crushing plant,basalt crushing plant,granite crushing line,pebble crushing line and coal gangue crushing plant etc.,How should we do to reduce the power consumption in stone crushing production line?Great Wall company give us effective suggestions of enewrgy-saving stone crusher on basis of 50 years' experience.
Firstly we should focus on raw materials  hardness,select the suitable model stone curhsing equipment on basis of output size range and stone crusher working priciples.When stone cursher is used for crushing limestone, we mainly propose the roll crusher,when engineers design the roll crusher,many factors will be considered.On the secondly,we should pay attention to the abrasion of materials,when we decide the suitable stone crusher,watch out the strong abrasion materials fall into stone crusher,which can  prolongs service life of stone crusher wearing parts.finally,Strict control moisture containing, granularity, and make sure the evenly feeding of materials.As what has mentioned above,Do the proper operation of stone crusher,which greatly redcue the useless energy consumption in stone crushing process,and then enterprises will get more and more profits .