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How to transport mobile crushing plant safely ? Author:Great Wall Posted:2014-08-28 Views:
Mobile crushing plant is getting more and more important in construction waste recycle and mining industry. How to transport mobile crushing plant safely? Great Wall COmpany as leading mobile crushing plant,our stone crusher experts summary the details for mobile crushers transportation. Firstly We should dismantle mobile crushers before long-distance transportation.Fix and lock the moving parts of mobile crushers,so as to prevent mobile crushing plant from shaking in the process of transportation.
If the size of mobile crushing plant is larger than the scope of transportation regulations of traffic department,we need to design the appropriate transportation scheme with the transport department and make sure the appropriate transportation routes.Before the formal transportation, we need to do comprehensive inspection for mobile crushing station. Especially in the trailer and brake lamp parts, they must be strictly check, if everything is ok,we can begin to transport mobile crushers.
When mobile crushing plant is transferred to near distance, the preparation is simple,we only need to check the wheeled device, pack up and then rest.In the transportation way , mobile crusher should keep running at a constant speed,must pay attention to the road conditions,so as to prevent some accidents happen in the transportation of mobile crushing plant.