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Jaw crusher announcements in installation process Author:Great Wall Posted:2014-07-23 Views:
Jaw crusher plays important role in domestic mining industry and construction industry,Jaw crusher has covered over 25 percentages market shares in stone crushing plant. Jaw crusher contributes  for  national industrial output growth and make national economic development pick up in July. As the leading jaw crusher manufacturer over 30 years,Great Wall heavy industry company recommends jaw crusher customers that the frequent problems maybe appears in jaw crusher installation and stone crushing production line.
1,As a result of jaw crusher has big vibration in working condition, we should install jaw crusher on the concrete foundation,In order to reduce the vibration,noise and disturbance nearby ,we can add hardwood pad, rubber belt, or other damping materials into the gaps between jaw crusher and foundation.
2,Lay a layer of metal plate for discharging chute in foundation,guarantee jaw crusher chute has enough angle,which is decided  the liquidity of material and it is not less than 50 degree,So that ensure the jaw crusher successful output.
3,Outlet opening size should be adjusted in accordance with the needed particle size.When we adjust the jaw crusher we should loosen bolts and tighten the spring.